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Bitcoin lightning network update
LiteCoin may be the only lightning network coin as bitcoin retail exchanges look skeptical.
There’s growing concern that some of the larger retail exchanges such as coinbase may not implement the Lightning Network due to it’s layer of privacy which makes it difficult to trace bitcoin TX sources. It’s hard to say if they will or won’t but the mere idea alone that they will take time with this immediately offers a ton of value back

Whats the tangle iota

IOTA and the “tangle” AKA The DAG, is a new take on blockchain and peer to peer payments / decentralized ledger keeping. The internet of things is a common phrase tossed around these days and basically means exactly what it sounds like; the intertwining and communicating of “things”. So maybe your phone or your TV remote control communicating and interacting with your car or even perhaps your shoes! Basically these are boring examples as surely you can think up some gadgets or objects in your day to day life

monero logo

If you’re crypto nerds like us, you may have recently read about “coinhive monero mining.” But let’s start here, what’s Monero? Monero is a CryptoNote, not to be confused with a standard POW, POS token you may be familiar and obviously it’s not an ERC20 Ether token or tangle asset either. The OG cryptonote was ByteCoin (Monero is a fork of bytecoin) and one of the reasons it never really blew up, we believe, was due to its vulnerabilities and potential to lose notes if one transacts incorrectly I.e. sending