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Hash Graph, a much anticipated DAG project of 2018, had a private token sale evaluating it at nearly $5 billion out of the gate (using total supply and not circulating.) The project hinted at a hardcap of $100M – $200M (based on anticipated circulating supply at inception.) Long story short, the presale at roughly $.10 – $.13 wasn’t super attractive, despite how excellent the project actually is and it’s partnerships with the likes of tech giants. When I say giants, I mean

Let’s delve a bit deeper into Chain $Link who’s circulating supply currently equals 360 million coins of 1 billion total supply. The 360 million tokens in circulation are from the public ICO in 2017. The rest are either held by team (roughly 300 million in total) or left to be earned by node operators as incentives which should include staking rewards once that feature goes live. Our window to look at is through the next projected large parabolic move which should gain steam the further we move

If you haven’t heard of ChainLink yet $LINK you may want to check your pulse. Based on even just metrics and charts alone it’s exhibited one of the healthiest altcoin charts in recent times. High lows accompanied with higher highs patterns both showing currently. It recently, in early January went back and tested its Q4 2019 low of $1.68 and was fiercely rejected. The price now sits circa $2.17 and $3.40 is in sight soon it seems, so long as it doesn’t run into too much resistance near a recent