This Overlooked Stock May Do 10X or More Within the Next Year

Finding overlooked assets or true value in a market that is seemingly way ahead of itself is hard. Nobody wants to buy the tops before more extreme volatility, yet fully sitting on the sidelines with cash may mean missing out on record gains. Solution is to find overlooked equities and assets with limited downside, a good long term outlook and plenty of upside. We have a ton stocks and cryptocurrencies we constantly identify, follow, report updates while always bringing in new opportunities. Our latest find is one of our founders favorite trades over the past few years and is quickly turning into one of the best stocks to own in 2020. If you can get him to shut up about ChainLink you’ll probably hear babble on this foreign stock that’s not easy to spot BUT by no means is difficult to obtain.

This company is bundled into the tech work from home space and has been completely overlooked. It has a few very similar companies in the US who are starting to gain traction price-wise but still also left behind when compared to stocks like Zoom or Docusign. Go ahead and look at Docusigns marketcap and let meditate on that a few minutes. Spoiler alert, it’s $37 Billion! That is wild, all this company does is take some of the time and work out of scanning, emailing printing etc. furthermore one can use a free PDF editor to sign in almost the same fashion for 100% free. Yeah it has legal wording and it’s convenient but $37 billion?!

The opportunity of work from home is going to be growing at a huge pace for a long time. Next, think a minute on the market cap of our winning choice stocks largest competitor which currently sits at $2.7B and compare that to the market cap of our foreign pick which sits at a mere $300M and likely only because it’s not a US company and so it’s overlooked at the moment. But bear in mind that geography has very little to do with valuations, when dealing with companies in developed and democratic countries. BUT here’s the real kicker and why this price difference is so suspect. The leading US competitor has daily unique visitors of 1.7M people, the second leading US competitors traffic sits at about 1.25M uniques per a day while our foreign horse in the race is smack dab inbetween them at 1.4M uniques per a day. BUT GET THIS, we found something interesting, only one of the three has a net increase in daily unique visstors for 2020. The US counterparts daily unique visitor rates were both down about 25% from 2019, while our foreign picks traffic is up almost 100% from 2019.

we bought fast when I saw that. We of course looked over financials, P/b, P/e and PEG and nothing stood out to us as a red flag. Take advantage of our first week free option and have this one on the house! Stick around a while if you like what you find! See more about us and our plans HERE, including our free week trial where you can access the name and easy instructions on how to purchase with your online broker. DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY OR YOU SOON MAY BE KICKING YOURSELF FOR PASSING UP ON ONE OF THE BEST STOCKS TO OWN IN 2020.

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