HBAR Price Could Explode Early Despite Large Total-Supply

Hash Graph, a much anticipated DAG project of 2018, had a private token sale evaluating it at nearly $5 billion out of the gate (using total supply and not circulating.) The project hinted at a hardcap of $100M – $200M (based on anticipated circulating supply at inception.) Long story short, the presale at roughly $.10 – $.13 wasn’t super attractive, despite how excellent the project actually is and it’s partnerships with the likes of tech giants. When I say giants, I mean it.. BOEING, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, IBM… Along with a few other notables, all on board with node related partnerships with Hash Graph as of time of print. Current price sits around $0.018 and is a stark discount to ICO price and a lot of room up. Now I know what you’re thinking, “another coin with multi-billion supply floating around..” The catch is, the release of this supply will take 15 years. Meaning at the time of the next larger parabolic market cycle the circulating supply should still be quite manageable and perhaps no more than 6 – 7 billion coins. ^ – 7 billion coins is still quite a lot but when you look at current market cap of a fairly reasonable $60,000,000 at a current circulating supply of 3.1 billion it becomes reasonable to imagine double-supply and double price still quite underweight. The average marketcap of top 20 coins in 2017 was anywhere between $4 billion and $15 billion. We like $6 billion to $7 billion as a speculative estimation of market cap for top 20 coins AND/OR coins that have the potential to head in that direction. Long story short, it’s not incredibly outlandish to estimate HBAR’s going for anywhere between $0.57 – to as high as even possibly $1.20 on the fairly conservative side. Using a higher estimation perhaps based on it’s closest relative coin, IOTAwho’s market capitalization reached rughly a whopping $15 billion we can arrive at estimations closer to $2 making the lower estimations of roughly $0.60 – to $1ish look extremely realistic. HBAR could be one of the big winners this time around and don’t be horrifically surprised if it sees 25x to 75x!

Full disclosure, obviously we hold some of this coin at the time of writing. We write this to create good content for anyone who supports our blog or web service and you should do your own research before investing in cryptocurrencies always and not do so solely based off any blog or Tweet you catch a glimpse of day to day.HBAR-LifeCycle-Hvr-4