LiteCoin May Remain the Only Lightning Network Solution For The Foresee-able Future

Bitcoin lightning network update
LiteCoin may be the only lightning network coin as bitcoin retail exchanges look skeptical.

There’s growing concern that some of the larger retail exchanges such as coinbase may not implement the Lightning Network due to it’s layer of privacy which makes it difficult to trace bitcoin TX sources. It’s hard to say if they will or won’t but the mere idea alone that they will take time with this immediately offers a ton of value back to LiteCoin. LiteCoin’s transactions are laser fast and the fees low, one worry was that $BTC implementing such would render LiteCoin much less interesting and rightfully so. We’re looking for LiteCoin’s demand to grow over the coming month’s and for the coin to reach back towards it’s ATH’s from where it sits now at roughly $170.

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