If you’re crypto nerds like us, you may have recently read about “coinhive monero mining.” But let’s start here, what’s Monero? Monero is a CryptoNote, not to be confused with a standard POW, POS token you may be familiar and obviously it’s not an ERC20 Ether token or tangle asset either. The OG cryptonote was ByteCoin (Monero is a fork of bytecoin) and one of the reasons it never really blew up, we believe, was due to its vulnerabilities and potential to lose notes if one transacts incorrectly I.e. sending transactions without a payment ID (which is easier to do mistakenly than you’d think) AND was much easier to do in the past some wallets don’t offer help on this or warnings etc. most by now have this built in or clarified somehow so I’m not gonna let it weigh down its rating so much anymore BUT a coin being that susceptible to vanishing (temporarily or permanently) is really risky to transact with day to day in our opinion, thus the wait on endorsing it. However it is quickly taking the lead as the dark transactors cryptocurrency of choice and since it’s ease of use case for mining with projects like now we think it’s interesting, to say the least. Especially if you can leverage some web assets to mine it for you via the smart-link, in-game Money and JavaScript integration features. I know me personally, any short-link I ever use again will be of coinhive origin. More info at

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